Crosier’s Sanitary Service Promotes Sustainability with Yellow Grease Recycling

The family-owned West Virginia company will process both yellow and brown grease to reduce waste and support the use of biofuels

Crosier’s Sanitary Service, Inc., a leading regional provider of portable sanitation and liquid waste management for over 50 years, announces the addition of Used Cooking Oil (yellow grease) recycling to its list of professional services. As part of Mary and Ron Crosier’s grease removal services for the food industry, the company will now collect and process yellow grease for reuse as a biodiesel feedstock. This is the latest step in the company’s efforts to implement renewable and sustainable practices that help preserve the natural landscape of West Virginia.

“Our customers appreciate the efforts we take to manage the grease waste stream with ecologically-responsible processes,” said Ron Crosier, president, Crosier’s Inc, “We’re happy to do our part to help the environment. When brown and yellow grease are properly collected and processed, they can be used to create renewable biofuels. Biofuels have a much lower carbon content than petroleum products.”

Previously, Crosier’s developed the patented the Greasezilla® system to manage the company’s grease trap waste processing, which has since become a separate company. Greasezilla® separates the waste into its basic elements, producing a high-quality advanced biofuel (ABF), batter and pasteurized effluent water. This transformational end-to-end process is the most ecologically advanced system available and is now optimizing FOG (fats, oils and grease) receiving stations for wastewater treatment plants and grease trap pumpers nationwide.

Crosier’s services customers in West Virginia, Virginia and parts of Kentucky and Ohio. In addition to grease removal and recycling, Crosier’s provides septic and sludge services for residential and commercial customers as well as portable sanitation for some of West Virginia’s largest outdoor events, including the National Boy Scout Jamboree, Mountain Music Festival and Bridge Day.