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Crosier's offers yellow grease recycling

Crosier’s Sanitary Services Promotes Sustainability with Yellow Grease Recycling

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The family-owned West Virginia company will process both yellow and brown grease to reduce waste and support the use of biofuels

Lansing, W.Va. – July 6, 2021 – Crosier’s Sanitary Service, Inc., a leading regional provider of portable sanitation and liquid waste management for over 50 years, announces the addition of Used Cooking Oil (yellow grease) recycling to its list of professional services. As part of Mary and Ron Crosier’s grease removal services for the food industry, the company will now collect and process yellow grease for reuse as a biodiesel feedstock. This is the latest step in the company’s efforts to implement renewable and sustainable practices that help preserve the natural landscape of West Virginia. Read More

Growth through Grease

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Long-established West Virginia pumping contractor Crosier’s Sanitary Service Inc. builds revenues by cleaning grease traps, hauling bulk waste and processing brown grease for sale

Fleet of vacuum trucks

When Ron Crosier bought his father’s portable restroom and septic pumping business, he set his sights on diversifying into more lucrative markets: cleaning grease traps and hauling waste from coal mines and privately owned treatment plants.

That was in 1995. And by several measures, the diversification efforts were right on target. Thanks to steadier long-term demand for grease-trap cleaning and sewage hauling and the development of a grease-disposal and reclamation process, Crosier took a business focused largely on restroom rentals and generating about $225,000 in gross sales and turned it into a $2 million-a-year enterprise. Read More

TechConnect highlights WV innovators such as Greasezilla, others

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WV News and InnerAction Media announce new partnership | WV News | wvnews .com

CHARLESTON — Through a series of programs and grants from the federal government, the non-profit coalition TechConnectWV has helped shine a light on some of the most innovative companies in the world that are based within the Mountain State.

Anne Barth, director of TechConnect, said the organization has worked to foster innovation through a number of programs, such as Start Up West Virginia, which was an integrated initiative from 2012-2014 designed to expand entrepreneurial and business startup efforts that helped to create new tech-based jobs in high-growth industries in West Virginia with funding from the U.S. Economic Development Administration.


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Answers to Your Biggest Porta-Potty Questions

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Everything you ever wanted to know (and a lot you probably didn’t) about the humble box that gets so much crap.

How To Rent A Portable Toilet CrosiersWe runners have a complicated relationship with portable toilets. We’re happy to see them before (and sometimes during and often after) a race, especially when we’ve been shot-gunning liquids and glucose.

But that minute-plus (on average) we spend in their odiferous confines tends to yield some memorable-and-not-in-a-good-way moments. However, instead of shaking your fist at them, we suggest cutting the portable toilet some slack. Everything from the mysterious blue liquid to the height of the drop to the placement of the urinal has been studied and calibrated to make the best of a crappy situation.

Which intrigued us—there’s a lot more to these things than we thought.


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Greasezilla Grease-Separating Unit Increases Efficiency, Recycles Grease as Fuel Source

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Ron Crosier spoke with Pumper Magazine about his Greasezilla separation system.

Greasezilla Grease-Separating Unit Increases Efficiency, Recycles Grease as Fuel SourceThe Greasezilla grease-separating unit, made by Downey Ridge Environmental Co., enables grease-trap pumpers to reduce and better control waste disposal and fuel expenses, create a new revenue stream and run a more eco-friendly operation. And it produces its own fuel: brown grease, a byproduct of the separation process.

The system requires about 1,000 square feet of indoor space. It’s designed for pumpers who clean a considerable number of grease traps, but it’s also suitable for use by municipal treatment plants, says Ron Crosier, president of Downey Ridge and the owner of Crosier’s Inc., a portable restroom and grease-and-septage pumping operation in Lansing, W.V. Read More

Your Next Race Might Have More Porta Potties

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Everything you want to know about portable toilets, including how number-per-race is determined.



When Ron Crosier showed up early at the Charleston Distance Run in West Virginia on Saturday, he wasn’t there only to get ready for the 15-mile race. He was there to watch the action at the porta potties.

Crosier’s not just a runner. He’s vice president of the Portable Sanitation Association International, a trade association that, for the first time in more than 20 years, is reviewing the standards by which race directors figure out how many portable toilets they need at an event.

Runners may have different motivations for entering races, favor different kinds of footwear, and cling to different warm-up rituals in the start corrals. But they all share one thing in common: the porta potty.

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