Portable Toilet Rental 101

So, you’re hosting an outdoor event and you realize that your location does not have enough restroom facilities. Your guests will easily outnumber your available bathrooms, leaving them to wait in long lines instead of enjoying the festivities. Toilet rental seems to be the logical option, but you have no idea where to begin. 

Most everyone has been in a basic portable restroom, and you know that they can vary in cleanliness and quality. But you want more than to just provide a space to “get the job done.” After all, the last thing you want your guests to remember about the event is an unfortunate bathroom experience.  

Once you decide that you need portable restrooms, you need to consider how many, what types and where to put them. Here are some thoughts to get you started. 

How many toilets do I need? 

Gauging the correct number of toilets is the first step. This will depend primarily upon the upon the length of your event, the number of people attending and whether or not alcohol will be served. As a base, you can figure that a small, four-hour event with 50 guests will require at least one portable restroom. Here’s an online estimator that can help you get started. 

Do I really have options? Aren’t all porta-potties the same? 

Not all portable restrooms created equal. Today, the options for portable sanitation are growing, and some of the upgraded features and amenities might surprise you. 

Did someone say flush? In fact, flushable units are a standard upgrade. These units look and act like flushing toilets, providing comfort beyond basic models. ADA compliant units offer more space for guests using wheelchairs or other supports. Amenities, like sinks and sanitizer dispensers offer additional perks.  

Restroom trailers can take your portable restroom experience to the next level. These units look like small buildings, and when you walk inside, you’ll find multiple stalls with flushable toilets, running water, lighting, sinks, etc. If you’re looking for luxury, these trailers provide you with the convenience of portable restrooms and the look and feel of indoor bathrooms. 

Where should I put them? 

Your portable restrooms should be in a convenient, easy-to-access location for your guests. If you are hosting a large event, consider placing them in multiple locations on the perimeter of your event space. We recommend that restrooms be placed on flat, firm ground. The location will also need to have enough accessibility for delivery and maintenance of the units. 

If you have additional questions or are ready to start the rental process, our friendly staff is ready to assist you.