Will the Grease of Christmas Past Haunt You?

The holiday season is a time for family, friends and feasting. When you’re working in the kitchen this year, remember that while fats, oils and grease (FOG) add flavor to your vegetables, figgy pudding and roast beast, FOG can cause problems when poured down your drain. If we’ve learned anything from the Grease of Christmas […]

Growth through Grease

Long-established West Virginia pumping contractor Crosier’s Sanitary Service Inc. builds revenues by cleaning grease traps, hauling bulk waste and processing brown grease for sale When Ron Crosier bought his father’s portable restroom and septic pumping business, he set his sights on diversifying into more lucrative markets: cleaning grease traps and hauling waste from coal mines […]

Greasezilla Grease-Separating Unit Increases Efficiency, Recycles Grease as Fuel Source

Ron Crosier spoke with Pumper Magazine about his Greasezilla separation system. The Greasezilla grease-separating unit, made by Downey Ridge Environmental Co., enables grease-trap pumpers to reduce and better control waste disposal and fuel expenses, create a new revenue stream and run a more eco-friendly operation. And it produces its own fuel: brown grease, a byproduct […]