Ron Crosier Shares FOG Insights on “The Efficiency Point” Podcast

Fats, oils, and grease—or FOG—have long been a problem in municipal wastewater treatment. In addition to run-off from restaurants, FOG can often be found in the byproducts of processing plants and, in sufficient volume, can clog sewer lines causing inefficiencies and costly backflow damage. On a recent episode of MPT’s The Efficiency Point podcast, Ron […]

Greasezilla Grease-Separating Unit Increases Efficiency, Recycles Grease as Fuel Source

Ron Crosier spoke with Pumper Magazine about his Greasezilla separation system. The Greasezilla grease-separating unit, made by Downey Ridge Environmental Co., enables grease-trap pumpers to reduce and better control waste disposal and fuel expenses, create a new revenue stream and run a more eco-friendly operation. And it produces its own fuel: brown grease, a byproduct […]