Will the Grease of Christmas Past Haunt You?

The holiday season is a time for family, friends and feasting. When you’re working in the kitchen this year, remember that while fats, oils and grease (FOG) add flavor to your vegetables, figgy pudding and roast beast, FOG can cause problems when poured down your drain. If we’ve learned anything from the Grease of Christmas […]

Portable Toilet Rental 101

So, you’re hosting an outdoor event and you realize that your location does not have enough restroom facilities. Your guests will easily outnumber your available bathrooms, leaving them to wait in long lines instead of enjoying the festivities. Toilet rental seems to be the logical option, but you have no idea where to begin.  Most […]

Signs That Your Septic System Might Be in Trouble

Regular maintenance of your septic tank and drain field is essential to keep your septic system functioning well. Occasionally, however, system failures happen that require immediate attention. Whether or not you conduct scheduled maintenance, don’t ignore the following symptoms associated with septic problems. Your septic system may be calling out to you for help.    Odors: As waste breaks down, it releases gas. That unique “sulfur-meets-rotten-egg” scent is […]

Caring For Your Septic System

Your septic system performs an essential function in your home. However, it does require a little bit of care and attention. Just because you haven’t had any problems with your septic doesn’t mean that you can forget about it. Treating your system with proper care is simple, and it can save you the headaches and […]

How Does Your Septic System Work?

Ever wondered how your septic system handles the wastewater that disappears down your drains and toilets? Your septic system works much the same way as a public sewer system, except that it treats your home’s wastewater on site instead of sending it to a public facility. Although there are many types of septic systems, all […]

Crosier’s Sanitary Service Promotes Sustainability with Yellow Grease Recycling

The family-owned West Virginia company will process both yellow and brown grease to reduce waste and support the use of biofuels Crosier’s Sanitary Service, Inc., a leading regional provider of portable sanitation and liquid waste management for over 50 years, announces the addition of Used Cooking Oil (yellow grease) recycling to its list of professional […]

Growth through Grease

Long-established West Virginia pumping contractor Crosier’s Sanitary Service Inc. builds revenues by cleaning grease traps, hauling bulk waste and processing brown grease for sale When Ron Crosier bought his father’s portable restroom and septic pumping business, he set his sights on diversifying into more lucrative markets: cleaning grease traps and hauling waste from coal mines […]

Ron Crosier Shares FOG Insights on “The Efficiency Point” Podcast

Fats, oils, and grease—or FOG—have long been a problem in municipal wastewater treatment. In addition to run-off from restaurants, FOG can often be found in the byproducts of processing plants and, in sufficient volume, can clog sewer lines causing inefficiencies and costly backflow damage. On a recent episode of MPT’s The Efficiency Point podcast, Ron […]

TechConnect highlights WV innovators such as Greasezilla, others

CHARLESTON — Through a series of programs and grants from the federal government, the non-profit coalition TechConnectWV has helped shine a light on some of the most innovative companies in the world that are based within the Mountain State. Anne Barth, director of TechConnect, said the organization has worked to foster innovation through a number of […]

Answers to Your Biggest Porta-Potty Questions

Everything you ever wanted to know (and a lot you probably didn’t) about the humble box that gets so much crap. We runners have a complicated relationship with portable toilets. We’re happy to see them before (and sometimes during and often after) a race, especially when we’ve been shot-gunning liquids and glucose. But that minute-plus […]